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The List exists largely thanks to the involvement of all those who care about making philosophy a discipline of equal opportunity. A large portion of the texts it includes have been recommended to us by philosophers from around the globe, and the project development was informed by their helpful suggestions. We encourage you to join this effort and help us enrich this resource by contributing your suggestions for list entries and site improvements.

Please use the forms to the right to suggest texts to be added to the list. If you would like to offer a detailed contribution, please use the Full Form where you can enter all relevant information. You can also use the Short Form if you have less time. If you do not want your name to be included on the list of contributors below, please state that in the comments. If you would like to recommend multiple texts, you can also list them in the comments.

To get in touch with us regarding any other topic related to the List write us directly on: contact@diversityreadinglist.org


Sara L. Uckelman

Christy Mag Uidhir

Alberto Vanzo

Charlotte Sabourin

RJ Leland

Karen Green

Ashwani Peetush

Jonathan Parry

Karen Anne Hammet Green

Susan G. Sterrett

Emily Dyson

Carl Hoefer

Carrie Figdor

Dominic Alford-Duguid

Liam Kofi Bright

Patricia Blanchette

Lisa Bastian

Kathleen Gill

Jojanneke Vanderveen

Bart Schultz

Lydia Patton

Milena Ivanova

Esther McIntosh

Nomy Arpaly

Wayne Riggs

Peter Jones

Nora Berenstain

Jean Duchamp

Daniel Kokotajlo

Esther McIntosh

Jonas Jervell Indregard

Antony Eagle

Mike Stuart

Juan R. Loaiza

Barbara Baum Levenbook

Hans Maes

Nomy Arpaly

Thomas Hodgson

Alan Sidelle

Harry Briighouse

Alice Pinheiro Walla

Danielle Bromwich

Anya Plutynski

Pauline Phemister

Cailin O’Connor

Carla Rodriguez

Jonathan Wolff

Tyron Goldschmidt

Corbin Covington

Dana Tulodziecki

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