The DRL exists thanks to the continued work and involvement of the members of the philosophical community. Since 2015, nearly 60 people have actively volunteered for the DRL by adding new content, reviewing public contributions, creating specific resources, organising events, engaging in grant project work, conducting research, helping manage the project, or actively promoting the DRL at events and online. The volunteers take on different roles, depending on their availability and the current project needs. Whenever possible, grant money received is offered to volunteers to support their work.

Getting funded

Many of our volunteers have received funding for their work with the DRL. Funded projects ranged from expanding the List by adding a large batch of entries in the volunteer’s AOS, through creating a Reading Group Blueprint on a topic they are passionate about, to organising events and engaging in research projects.

You could also benefit from one of our grant projects, or develop a project of your own in association with the DRL. We will support you in doing so by sharing ready application templates and successful past applications, connecting you with previous grant winners, and mentoring you throughout the process.

Professional development

The graph below shows the results of our 2022 volunteer survey. As you can see, collaborating with the DRL can help you substantially develop your own academic practice!

Moreover, volunteering and engaging in funded projects can help you boost your career prospects. All of our volunteers reported proudly listing their involvement with the DRL on their CV’s. As Equality, Diversity and Inclusion are increasingly high on the agenda of many universities, the experience you will gain while working with the DRL might give you an advantage in applying for jobs and developing your career.