The DRL exists thanks to the generous support of institutions offering us their professional dues, individual donors, and project sponsors. All donations to the DRL are managed by the Marc Sanders Foundation. Moreover, every donation you make to the DRL will be dollar-matched by them up to $2000! So if you give us $50, we get $100!

How can I support the DRL?

We encourage universities, societies, journals and other institutions to send professional contributions of any value to the DRL, to be received as professional dues for your institution’s supporting membership in the DRL. To recognise substantial support of $500 or more a year, the DRL will:

  • Feature the donating institution on our official supporters list for a year.
  • Invite the donating institution to list their support for the DRL in any relevant promotional materials, publications or reports.
  • Deliver a workshop on the topic of curriculum diversification at the donating institution (subject to staff availability).

We invite everyone who cares about making philosophy a discipline of equal opportunity to offer donations, however small, to help us continue our work. To recognise the support, the DRL will list all donors on our official supporters list (unless the donor will prefer to remain anonymous).

How we spend the money

Any funds received in this way will contribute towards the ongoing work of maintaining and developing the DRL, including:

  • Compensation for editors and managers
  • Project development
  • Website development costs
  • Ongoing costs, including web hosting and promotion

Any money left after covering those costs will be spent on project development, including event organisation, research, or creation of teaching materials.

Sponsoring projects

To cover the costs of larger projects, the DRL actively applies for grants and one-off funding available from a variety of institutions. These funds do not typically support the ongoing work on the DRL, instead enabling us to pursue larger and discrete projects.

We invite any funding bodies which would like to offer us funds for specific projects, to get in touch.

All sponsors who offered us a grant, are listed separately on our official supporters list.

Project sponsors

American Philosophical Association 
2024: Small grant to support the Re-categorisation Project

2024: Small grant to create three Reading Group Blueprints on the Philosophy of Mind

2019: Fund for Diversity and Inclusiveness to add all public contributions to the List

American Society for Aesthetics
2015: Curriculum Diversification Grant

Arts and Humanities Research Council 
2020-22: PGR Placement and Knowledge Exchange Grant to conduct research on Diversifying and Widening Participation in Philosophy

British Philosophical Association 
2015-18: Project Development Funding

British Society of Aesthetics 
2017: BSA Small Grant to improve the DRL website accessibility and usability
2022: BSA Small Grant to develop three Reading Group Blueprints in the area of aesthetics

Edinburgh Centre for Epistemology, Mind and Normativity 
2016-19: Continuous Development Funding

Marc Sanders Foundation
2023: Diversity in Philosophy funding to pay for the work of DRL Editors and managers, including support in setting up an ongoing donations system.

Society for Applied Philosophy 
2015: Grant to expand the applied philosophy section of the list

University of Edinburgh 
2015-16: Principal’s Teaching Award Scheme to expand the metaphysics, mind and science sections of the list.

University of Leeds, School of Philosophy, Religion and the History of Science 
2015: Strategic Funding Scheme, Initial development grant
2017: Strategic Funding Scheme, Continued development grant 

University of Manchester 
2022: School of Social Sciences Small Research Grant to work on developing larger grant projects

University of Sheffield 
2017: Petrie Watson Grant to expand the List

White Rose College of the Arts & Humanities 
2018: Student Led Forum grant for a joint MAP-DRL workshop and edit-a-thon