Announcements & News

We have been invited to run a workshop on curriculum diversification at the forthcoming ‘The Profession We Want’ conference. Join us in Manchester on 15-16 May!

Find more details about the event here.

We just added 10 new entries focusing on virtue epistemology, philosophy of language, and logic. Once again, thanks to our great volunteers!

The Value Theory section just got expanded, with eight new entries centering mostly on virtue ethics. We will have more texts in epistemology and language coming soon. Thanks to our volunteers for their great work!

Our volunteers added another 20 texts, and many of them focus on logic and philosophy of science again. Good time for anyone wanting to diversify their syllabus in those areas!

You will soon be able to read about the DRL in the new EqualBITE – A Recipe Book for Gender Equality in Higher Education. EqualBITE is a ‘recipe book’ which aims to share practical and effective strategies for creating more gender balanced working environments in higher education. The recipes will be written by University of Edinburgh staff and students, drawing from their real life experiences.

The book is now almost ready and we’ll let you know when it’s released.