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Jaegwon, Kim. What is “naturalized epistemology”?
1988, Philosophical Perspectives 2: 381-405.
Added by: Jie Gao

Abstract: This paper analyzes and evaluates quine’s influential thesis that epistemology should become a chapter of empirical psychology. quine’s main point, it is argued, is that normativity must be banished from epistemology and, more generally, philosophy. i claim that without a normative concept of justification, we lose the very concept of knowledge, and that belief ascription itself becomes impossible without a normative concept of rationality. further, the supervenience of concepts of epistemic appraisal shows that normative epistemology is indeed possible.

Comment: This is a very good introductory reading on naturalised epistemology. It is often used in combination with Quine's paper "Epistemology Naturalized". Suitable for a lower-level undergraduate courses in epistemology.

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