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Russell, Gillian. From Anti-Exceptionalism to Feminist Logic
2023, Hypatia, forthcoming
Added by: Franci Mangraviti

Anti-exceptionalists about formal logic think that logic is continuous with the sciences. Many philosophers of science think that there is feminist science. Putting these two things together: can anti-exceptionalism make space for feminist logic? The answer depends on the details of the ways logic is like science and the ways science can be feminist. This paper wades into these details, examines five different approaches, and ultimately argues that anti-exceptionalism makes space for feminist logic in several different ways.

Comment: Could be a good way to start a course on feminist logic, thanks to its useful classification; and it could fit a course on anti-exceptionalism, as a particular application. There are no particular prerequisites. Can be paired with extracts from Nye and Plumwood, whose views are rejected here, in order to generate discussion.

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