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Sereni, Andrea, Sforza Fogliani, Maria Paola. How to Water a Thousand Flowers. On the Logic of Logical Pluralism
2017, Inquiry: An Interdisciplinary Journal of Philosophy:1-24
Added by: Franci Mangraviti

How many logics do logical pluralists adopt, or are allowed to adopt, or ought to adopt, in arguing for their view? These metatheoretical questions lurk behind much of the discussion on logical pluralism, and have a direct bearing on normative issues concerning the choice of a correct logic and the characterization of valid reasoning. Still, they commonly receive just swift answers – if any. Our
aim is to tackle these questions head on, by clarifying the range of possibilities that logical pluralists have at their disposal when it comes to the metatheory of their position, and by spelling out which routes are advisable. We explore ramifications of all relevant responses to our question: no logic, a single logic, more than one logic. In the end, we express skepticism that any proposed answer is viable. This threatens the coherence of current and future versions of logical pluralism.

Comment: Could be used for a lesson on meta-theoretical issues in a course on logical pluralism, or as further reading when discussing logical pluralism in a general course on the philosophy of logic. Some familiarity with the monism/pluralism debate is assumed.

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