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Routley, Richard, Routley, Val. The Semantics of First Degree Entailment
1972, Noûs 6 (4):335-359
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From the introduction: "we argue that the semantics of the first degree paradox-free implication system FD supports the claim it is superior to strict implication as an analysis of entailment at the first degree level. The semantics also reveals that Disjunctive Syllogism, [...] far from being a paradigmatic entailment, is invalid, and allows the illegitimate suppression of tautologies"

Comment: The paper introduces some of the central ideas in the relevance logic literature, e..g the connection between suppression and sufficiency, and the modeling of negation via the Routley star. It is a natural pick for a specialized course on relevance logic, but it can also be used as an introduction to (or further reading about) relevance logic in a general course on non-classical logics. Some familiarity with classical and modal logic (in particular, the notion of strict implication) is required.

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