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Clardy, Justin. Monogamies, Non-Monogamies, and the Moral Impermissibility of Intimacy Confining Constraints
2020, Journal of Black Sexuality and Relationship 2, 17-36
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Abstract: In this paper, I argue that intimacy confining constraints—or a categorical restriction on having additional intimate relationships—is morally impermissible. Though some scholars believe that this problem attaches exclusively to monogamous relationshipps, I argue that it also applies to non-monogamous relationships—such as polyfidelitous relationships—as well. As this point requires a deconstruction of the juxtaposition that erroneously places monogamy and non-monogamy as binary opposites, this paper reveals a variegated and interpenetrating field of intimate non-monogamous relationships, the existence of which gets us closer to realizing the transformative power contained within non-monogamous relationships.

Comment: A specialized text in ethics and the philosophy of love. Useful for graduate level courses on gender/sexuality.

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