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Merrie Bergmann, James Moor, Jack Nelson. The Logic Book
, Random House, New York.
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Publisher’s Note:
Description: This book is a leading text for symbolic or formal logic courses. All techniques and concepts are presented with clear, comprehensive explanations and numerous, carefully constructed examples. Its flexible organization (all chapters are complete and self-contained) allows instructors the freedom to cover the topics they want in the order they choose. A free Student Solutions Manual is packaged with every copy of the textbook. Two logic programs, Bertie III and Twootie, are available as a free download from the University of Connecticut Philosophy Department's Web site. The Web address for downloading the software is //www.ucc.uconn.edu/~wwwphil/software.html. Bertie 3 is a proof checker for the natural deduction method and Twootie is a proof checker for the truth tree method. CONTENTS: Chapter 1: Basic Notions of Logic, Chapter 2: Sentential Logic: Symbolization and Syntax, Chapter 3: Sentential Logic: Semantics, Chapter 4: Sentential Logic: Truth-Trees, Chapter 5: Sentential Logic: Derivations, Chapter 6: Sentential Logic: Metatheory, Chapter 7: Predicate Logic: Symbolization and Syntax, Chapter 8: Predicate Logic: Semantics, Chapter 9: Predicate Logic: Truth-Trees, Chapter 10: Predicate Logic: Derivations, Chapter 11: Predicate Logic: Metatheory.

Comment: This book may serve as the main reading or reference book for an introductory course to formal logic. It doesn't presuppose any knowledge of logic and is thus recommended for use in undergrad level logic courses. It comes with solutions to most of its exercises, which is great for students to practice and study on their own, but may be a drawback, since the teacher will need to design exercises of her own in order to assign homework to the students.

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