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Schellekens Dammann, Elisabeth. Three Debates in Meta-Aesthetics
2008, In New Waves in Aesthetics and Value Theory, [ed] Stock, K. & Thomson-Jones, K, London: Palgrave Macmillan.
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Abstract: Few philosophical debates seem to allow for as little theoretical disparity as that on the subject of Realism or Anti-Realism. That the two antithetical positions uphold the broad structure of a dichotomy may come as no surprise: the question under scrutiny is, after all, one about whether the world and its contents are autonomous of our minds, or whether the world and its contents simply cannot be said to exist independently of our perception and understanding of them. There does not, in other words, seem to be much leeway between the two stances, at least partly because what they capture is a deeply entrenched conceptual divide over what does and does not exist. How, one may ask, could some thing exist but a little?


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