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Hurley, Susan. Varieties of Externalism
2010, in The Extended Mind, ed. Richard Menary, MIT Press. 101-153.
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Abstract: Externalism comes in varieties. While the landscape isn't tidy, I offer an organizing framework within which many of the forms it has taken (though perhaps not all) can be located. This taxonomy should be useful in itself. I'll also use it to survey and compare arguments for different kinds of externalism, while probing related intuitions.

Comment: This paper offers a comprehensive taxonomy of types of externalism about mental states. It assumes some background knowledge of philosophy of mind and language, including a lot of the vocabulary of debates about content, but remains one of the easiest introductions to the positions in the debate between internalism and extended mind theory.

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One thought on “Varieties of Externalism

  1. You had the difficulty level here as ‘easy’. I do not think this is the case. It is certainly not easy for an undergraduate in my opinion.

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