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Walda Heywat (Mektu), Sumner, Claude. Hatata
1976, Addis Ababa, Addis Ababa University (2) 1976
Added by: Sara Peppe, Contributed by: Jonathan Egid
Publisher’s Note:

The second Hatata, has been written by Walda Heywat a discipule of Zera Yacob. This treatise is in line with traditional views and takes into account themes such as marriage and abortion. Similarly to the tretaise of Zera Yacob, this Hatata stresses the idea that wife and husband are one flesh with husband that must sexually satisfy theur wives and wives that need to treat their husband well. Other themes treated are what is to be considered as morally correct and in line with the prescriptions of God.

Comment: This treatise is linked to the other Hatata written by Zera Yacob being Walda Heywat a student of Zera Yacob. Covering themes such as abortion, marriage, religion and morality this text represents a way to develop further knowledge of the Ethiopian philosophy in the 1600s. Also, it shows how some philosophical ideas developed from Zera Yacob to Walda Heywat.

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