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Lewis, David, Stephanie Lewis. Holes
Added by: Clotilde Torregrossa
Abstract: Argle. I believe in nothing but concrete material objects. Bargle. There are many of your opinions I applaud; but one of your less pleasing characteristics is your fondness for the doctrines of nominalism and materialism. Every time you get started on any such topic, I know we are in for a long argument. Where shall we start this time: numbers, colors, lengths, sets, force-fields, sensations, or what? Argle. Fictions alll I've thought hard about every one of them. Bargle. A long evening's work. Before we start, let me find you a snack. Will you have some crackers and cheese? Argle. Thank you. What spendid Gruyrrel Bargle. You know, there are remarkably many holes in this piece. Argle. There are. Bargle. Got you!


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