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Kind, Amy. Imagery and imagination
2005, Internet Encyclopedia of Philosophy
Added by: Andrea Blomqvist
Abstract: Both imagery and imagination play an important part in our mental lives. This article, which has three main sections, discusses both of these phenomena, and the connection between them. The first part discusses mental images and, in particular, the dispute about their representational nature that has become known as the 'imagery debate'. The second part turns to the faculty of the imagination, discussing the long philosophical tradition linking mental imagery and the imagination - a tradition that came under attack in the early part of the twentieth century with the rise of behaviorism. Finally, the third part of this article examines modal epistemology, where the imagination has been thought to serve an important philosophical function, namely, as a guide to possibility.

Comment: This could be used as a week 1 reading in a module introducing students to mental imagery. It's a comprehensive guide of the history of mental imagery, and its standing today.

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