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Weil, Simone. Reflections on the Right Use of School Studies With a View to the Love of God (1950)
2009, New York: HarperCollins.
Added by: Deryn Mair Thomas

Comment: This text provides a novel analysis of the concept of attention and explores the role that education plays in cultivating the capacity to attend. Weil is especially interested in the relationship between attention and spiritual meditation (which she refers to as prayer) but the implications of her analysis reach well beyond the religious sphere. Her approach, as was true in the case with most of her philosophy, is idiosyncratic, employing both analytic and continential elements. As a result, the essay could be used in any course or reading group that was interested in studying alternative philosophical methodologies, or underexplored philosophical topic areas. This essay in particular is fairly short, so with careful attention and some guidance, could be used for introductory level students - but there is more than enough philosophical content for it to provide fruitful discussion to more advanced groups.

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