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Eaton, A. W., and I. Gaskell. Do Subaltern Artifacts Belong in Art Museums?

2009, In James O. Young & Conrad Brunk (eds.), The Ethics of Cultural Appropriation. Wiley

Summary: Eaton and Gaskell argue that museums are “instruments of power,” and then ask whether it is permissible for them to display the cultural heritage of peoples who have been subordinated. Ultimately, they argue that despite a series of arguments to the contrary, the display of “subaltern” artifacts is not just permissible, “but advantageous to all interested parties.” They make the argument by posing and responding to four central objections to this position.

Comment: This is a careful and comprehensive look at ethical questions surrounding the display of "subaltern" cultural heritage in museums. If you plan to assign a single reading on this topic, use this one.