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Eichler, Lauren. Sacred Truths, Fables, and Falsehoods: Intersections between Feminist and Native American Logics
2018, APA Newsletter on Native American and Indigenous Philosophy, 18(1).
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Added by: Franci Mangraviti

From the newsletter's introduction: "Lauren Eichler [...] examines the resonances between feminist and Native American analyses of classical logic. After considering the range of responses, from overly monolithic rejection to more nuanced appreciation, Eichler argues for a careful, pluralist understanding of logic as she articulates her suggestion that feminists and Native American philosophers could build fruitful alliances around this topic."

Comment: The text is accessible without a background in either feminist or Native American philosophy; in a course focusing mainly on one of the two, it is suitable as a way to introduce the students to possible connections with the other topic. Alternatively, the text can be used in a course on non-classical conceptions of logic, in which case it might work best as a further reading after classes dedicated exclusively to feminist logic and Native American logic respectively.

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